The Big Three One Rep Max Calculator

Brian Dick

Functional Strength Lab is proud to roll out their Big Three One Rep Max Calculator! Simply input your body weight, and the weights you perform for reps for each of the Big 3 lifts: bench, squat, and deadlift. Functional Strength Lab‘s Calculator will do the rest!

For the permanent version of the calculator you can visit here: Calculator Home

Big 3 Lifts Calculator – Fill in the shaded areas, or see below the calculator for more instructions!

Above you will find the most comprehensive Big 3 Lifts Calculator on the internet. Input your body weight and the typical weights you perform for reps (under ten) for the Big 3 lifts – Bench, Squat, and Dead Lifts.

Once you complete these inputs, the calculator will do the rest. See where you stack up against others in your weight class!

If you prefer a calculator that simply performs calculations on one of the three big three you may like to visit:, or for the same calculators, but with a more thorough description for beginners.

While having average, or above average numbers in these lifts may represent a “strong” individual in some circles, please note that we at Functional Strength Lab do not equate these numbers directly to functional strength. However, the bench, the squat, and dead lifts do in fact require a tremendous amount of power and explosion, that are valuable in many sports. For this same reason, it is also extremely important to know it is not essential and is oftentimes detrimental to actually push yourself to your 1RM. This is one of the added benefits of this calculator. You only need to know what weights you typically perform for reps, and through the research of seven different strength professionals you can estimate your 1RM.

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