Bench Pyramid Calculator

Brian Dick

Bench Pyramid Calculator (Full & Reverse)

In order to calculator your “no thought needed” bench pyramid program (full & reverse), simply input your 1RM in the shaded box below.

I have created this program generator to better help our users create their programs without having to bring their calculator to the gym. The pyramid program’s calculations are based off an article I found at Stack Fitness. I actually found another version of the “pyramid” workout at the better known Muscle and Fitness, but I feel like it was unattainable at the reps and % of max lifted. You can check it out for yourself at this article, and decide for yourself.

Please do not attempt any of the workouts listed, however, without proper supervision! These programs also should be considered advanced, and not practiced by beginners.

Don’t know your 1RM for bench? No problem…all you need to know is a weight that you can regularly perform for 10 or fewer reps and input them here! Once you calculate this figure, you can type in your bench 1RM in the calculator above.

Want fun new ways to increase your bench strength you may want to consider some of these products:

In addition to these resources, I’ve had personal success with increasing my bench through focusing on developing the triceps. Where I’ve had the most problem at the heavier bench weights, is during the transition of the lift where the triceps are most active (at the bottom of the lift when the weight is resting on or slightly above the pecs by a few inches.) As I increase my tricep strength, this portion of the lift no longer becomes the “weakest link” or at the very least it strengthens this weakest link. I like to do weighted dips, and close grip bench to improve my tricep strength. This has regularly helped me break through various bench plateaus I’ve had in the past. However, recently I have not actively pursued increasing my bench, as I do not find it a tremendously helpful lift in my sport pursuits. In fact, when I bench, it’s almost always with dumbbells or on the incline bench. Flat bench finds itself in my workouts very infrequently.

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