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Brian Dick
Same Bench Max Calculator as the main calculator page, but not as much text getting in your way! This calculator allows you to determine your bench max without having to actually perform your bench to the maximum. This helps to reduce the likelihood of injury, and keeps you lifting another day. The results are based on seven different widely accepted formulas for calculating your 1RM. Enjoy!

If the numbers generated are not as high as you expected, no worries. The same lack of importance, however, should also be put on having a higher than expected number. While the bench press, and the bench max in particular, is an often discussed number in gyms around the country, there is little correlation between the bench and your overall functional or athletic strength levels. If you are good at bench it’s because you’re good at, and practice, that specific movement. A movement that is rarely needed in that capacity in everyday life (or even sports), and almost never without the help of your lower body and core helping in the motion. Some might argue that the bench’s prevalence in football strength circles has to do with the punching and pressing needed on the offensive and defensive lines; but, these movements again are in conjunction with massive supporting effort from the lower body and core.

Regardless of these debates, bench press remains one of the most popular lifts in all workout routines, and many people judge others’ strength levels based on this specific movement’s number. For this reason we have included the calculator above, as well as these links for equipment and guides for improving your bench max:

Additionally, we have included a bench pyramid workout calendar at this link to help bust through plateaus you may be having in increasing your bench max. Please remember, however, the pyramid program is extremely advanced, and should only be undertaken with the appropriate supervision and by well trained lifters.

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