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No one here at Functional Strength Lab is skilled enough to make these workout calculators prettier, but they work nonetheless. Who needs pretty anyway?

The calculators below are designed to determine an approximate weight (lbs) for your one rep max (1RM) for “The Big Three Lifts” (i.e., bench, squat, deadlift.) Although these figures may not necessarily correlate to functional strength (ex: sport-specific strength) they are for whatever considered a good measuring stick for overall strength by many strength coaches. Please do not be discouraged by poor results, or too excited about positive results. We are quickly seeing a trend towards the lack of importance on these figures.

The calculator requires you to know a weight (lbs) that you commonly use in the big three workouts. It also requires you to have a semi-standard failure point (in reps) for these given weights. Once you put these two figures in the cells allotted, the calculator should automatically generate your APPROXIMATE 1RM for each lift. Please understand that these results are ESTIMATES only. Your actual 1RM may be higher or lower than the numbers provided. Remember the idea behind developing building functional strength is to  AVOID INJURIES…not cause them. Therefore, this simple tool will allow you to calculate your max without putting your body under undue stress.

Also note, that all three workout calculators return the same results regardless of their lift type. This is due to the forumulae used in the calculator are deemed relevant to all three workouts by their creators: Epley, Brzycki, Lander, Lombardi, Mayhew, O’Conner et al, and Walthan. A description of all seven methods can be found here. Although one calculator could be used for all three calculations, I have created three for ease of use. (Also, please allow 1-2 seconds for results to be generated after inputting your weights and reps. My lack of coding knowledge keeps the load time less than instant. (As a matter of fact, if anyone has any suggestions on this front, please post in comments section or email me at


Bench Press


Dead Lift


Record your maxes for each lift (depending on your desired protocol) and take these values to check how you stack up on the Big Three based on body weight, by clicking here.

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