Heart Rate Calculator

Brian Dick

This simple heart rate calculator is designed to show your heart rate range during times of physical exertion from 50% – Maximum. All a user must do is input their age, between 18-50, to determine their personal range of heart rates. Heart rates are calculated in beats per minute (bpm.)

The equation running the heart rate calculator is based off of the informal formula (220-age)*heart rate range %. A person can easily calculate their own numbers using this formula, FSL has simply included this to make it a little easier the next time you’re in the gym!

Please remember, however, that this calculator is very informal and you should instead be very aware of your own fitness constraints rather than holding entirely to the numbers generated above. If at anytime during your workouts you feel uncomfortably winded, lightheaded, unusually hot or cold, or anything feels uncomfortable or unusual immediately stop and consult a health professional. Fitness programs in general should not be undertaken without doctor or fitness expert guidance.

Note: In order to determine your heart rate, lightly place your index and middle finger on the side of your neck at the carotid artery, or on the inner part of your wrist at the radial artery. Count the number of beats for fifteen (15) seconds. Multiply this number by four (4) to determine your heartbeats per minute (bpm). Then compare this number to the numbers in the chart above. Avoid using your thumb in counting your pulse, because some individuals have a prominent enough pulse in their thumb to confuse the counting.

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