Ringworm, Jock Itch, & Athlete’s Foot – Workout Side Effects

Ringworm on Calf
Ringworm on Calf

by: Brian Dick

An unfortunate side effect of working out and showering at the gym (or even working out outside) is the potential to get athletes foot, jock itch, or ringworm. Many people do not know, but all three of these afflictions are actually fungi of the same genus. There are numerous creams, sprays, and powders designed to fight off their itchiness and spread. While these options typically work well if the fungus is caught early enough I’ve found two very effective home remedies. I actually learned about these options  from wrestlers who combat these fungi more regularly than likely any other family of athletes.

While both of these options work by themselves, I find they work best in tandem.
1. Bleach – I used straight bleach, but a lot of sites recommend diluting it. I simply dipped a Kleenex in the bleach and rubbed it on the affected spot. This definitely stung sharply so beware. Also, you should probably check with your doctor on this option, especially if you have sensitive skin. The bleach does a great job of eliminating any oily film buildup that the fungus sometimes excretes. The bleach will work on its own usually over time, but it also helps improve the efficacy of the secret weapon…
2. Grapeseed Oil – I have no idea how or why, but grapeseed oil worked incredibly well and quickly for me. I learned about this remedy from a wrestler one night by chance while playing cards. I googled it right when I got home and confirmed that some people do use this oil to kill various fungus and bacteria. pne site I found mentioned that some people actually ingest it to keep candida gut flora in check as well (this is a whole other topic all together.) I of course was trying to cover all my bases so I took a swig of the oil also. I would not recommend this….I got nauseous almost immediately (which turns out to be a very common side effect.)
3. (Just in Case) Traditional store bought creams – don’t forget that once your skin returns to flesh tone and the raised skin returns flat, it is advised to continue applying standard creams for an additional week. Evidently it can still spread during this time. For whatever reasons I find it easier to remember to apply traditional creams during this phase than the home remedies.
(I’ve also read that taking acidophilus regularly helps to decrease your likelihood of catching ringworm, jock itch, and athletes foot to begin with. I cannot confirm this because I didn’t discover this until I already had it. I’ll post again if I contract anything while on acidophilus.)

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