Compound Workouts for Functional Strength Gains

by: Brian Dick

Excuses excuses. So you don’t have time to hit the gym? Try compound workouts to speed your workouts and maximize your gains. Not to mention, compound workouts more closely mimic the functional strength and movements needed in your average day.
3 Examples of Compound Workouts
Burpee-to-Pull-Up: While the burpee is an excellent compound workout by itself, consider increasing the difficulty level with an added pull-up at the end of your motion. To complete this exercise perform your standard burpee under a pull-up bar. When you end the burpee with the standard jump up, simply catch the pull-up bar bar on your way down. From here complete the compound workout by completing a full pull-up and then returning to the floor to perform another burpee. Continue for 10 reps.
Squat-to-Calf Raise-to-Shoulder Press: Grab either a barbell or dumbbells with a weight you can comfortably perform each of these workouts independently. Starting with the weight at your shoulders and your feet shoulder width apart, perform a standard squat. Upon returning from the squatting position, you continue the motion into a calf raise. Once you return to the floor from the calf raise, engage your shoulders with a standard shoulder press. Continue this workout for 10 reps.
Lunge-to-Front & Side Raises: Starting again with a weight (dumbbells) that you feel comfortable performing each of these workouts independently, start with feet slightly less than shoulder width apart. From this position perform a lunge to the left leg and return. Perform a  side-shoulder raise. Lunge again using your right leg, and then return. Perform a front shoulder raise. Continue until you have completed ten lunges to each leg (and 5 front shoulder raises, and 5 side shoulder raises).
Workout Idea: You may consider performing one set of each of these workouts. Or consider performing three sets of one specific workout. You will likely be exhausted, and done, in less than 10 minutes. It’s a great combination of workouts, and also addresses strength training and cardio all in one.

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