My Source for Nutritional Information

I have generated a new found passion for nutrition knowledge gathering and self-research. My recent self-experiments with calorie intake vs. expenditures, has led me to believe that worrying about calories is now a foolish way view weight loss. For me it has been far more important to significantly limit my carbohydrate intake (almost zero simple sugars (including fructose) and limited complex carbohydrates), and dramatically increase my protein intake. However, I have found that when I consume the majority of my protein through animal sources I feel slightly more sluggish, than when I consume protein through plant sources. I have found that the rough balance for me is 1/3 animal protein vs. 2/3 plant-based. Search for your own correct balance through self-experimentation.

In terms of feeling “full” or satiated, I must admit this diet change has me eating larger quantities and more frequently. For example, it is not uncommon for me to eat entire bags of broccoli or spinach in one meal (including 2 turkey brats or 5 egg yolks – to give an idea of meal size.) Although I’m eating more food, and at higher caloric intake than before, I have still found weight loss to be occurring steadily – roughly 1.5 pounds per week. This has occurred while maintaining a similar workout schedule as before.

One of my favorite sources for nutrition information when I perform these types of self-experimentation is  I have not found a more thorough nutrition site yet. There are multiple video collections on virtually any topic you can imagine. Be forewarned: once you visit this site, you are going to have to allot a fair amount of time, because it is almost certain that you will get addicted.

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