Grip Strength for Deadlift

Grip Strength Deadlift
Deadlift Grip Strength

Grip strength for deadlift is the limiting factor for most people’s personal bests for this lift. Because of this, I recommend numerous grip workouts for increasing your deadlift max.


Try these options to increase your grip strength for Deadlift:

  • Farmer’s walk/carry – with the same weight that you use to shrug, walk around the gym until your wrists are fried.
  • Weighted Pull Ups – a lot of people forget how effective pull ups are at developing grip strength.
  • Wrist Rolls – This apparatus can be purchased or made cheaply. Find a DIY wrist roller in the DIY Equipment Tab above.
  • Pull Up Attachments – again, adding variation to your pull-ups can have massive effect on your grip strength. Check out how to make your own pull up balls or pull up nun chucks. Or do pull ups with a towel draped over the bar and one positioned for each hand.
  • Use Oversized Grips – When performing other barbell based workouts, choose the largest diameter bar possible, or add a bar widener – product listed below.

Interesting Equipment to Increase Your Deadlift Max:


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