Functional Strength Gift Ideas

Strength gift ideas
Functional Strength Gifts

‘Tis the season for gift giving! Luckily offering functional strength tools/workout equipment can be both incredibly thoughtful and affordable. Offering gifts around strength training also doesn’t have the same implications as giving standard fitness equipment (ahem…you need to lose weight.) Instead building strength is incredibly useful to all genders and ages, and a great topic to build your gift ideas around.

If you’re looking for great functional strength equipment, consider gifting one of the six great fitness gift ideas:

  • TRX¬†or other types of suspension training gear.
  • Kettlebells! Do you need help determining an appropriate weight to gift? Check out Functional Strength Lab’s – What weight kettlebell should I buy calculator?
  • Resistance Bands. These are incredibly affordable and great ideas for recipients who travel frequently. A full body workout is entirely possible and space efficient when in a pinch using resistance bands
  • In-door-frame pull up bar – body weight exercises are incredibly effective and usually safer than many free weight workout options
  • BOSU Ball – incorporating a balance component to any standard workouts only serves to make the workout more functional. For example, try repping out more than five single leg squats on a BOSU. I dare you.
  • Battle Ropes – Assuming your recipient has enough space, battle ropes are a phenomenal builder of functional strength. Battle ropes create and excellent¬†cardio and strength hybrid workout

Please feel free to submit your own gift ideas below in the comments section. I’d love to hear new and creative fitness gift ideas!

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