Creative Fitness Gift Ideas For Your Fit Friends

Oftentimes it may seem that purchasing fitness related gifts might offend the recipient. However, for your self-proclaimed fitness-freak friends and family, there is nothing wrong with giving creative, fitness-related gifts this holiday season. For a list of a few fitness themed gift ideas see below:

  1. Enroll your recipient in a 5K, obstacle run, or other organized walk/runs. This gift is especially thoughtful if it is given in conjunction with expenses-paid travel plans to an interesting destination. For example, a 5K run through a nearby city or adjoining state, may be a fun gift idea for your outgoing fitness friends.
  2. Travel Fitness Pack – If your friends like to remain fit, but their job requires extensive travel, consider travel-friendly fitness gear. For example: fitness bands, ab wheels, jump ropes, and suspension trainers are all great, compact fitness tools.
  3. High End Supplements – if you happen to know what supplements your recipient takes regularly — investigate high-quality versions of the supplements on their list. I like many others, enjoy supplementation, but don’t often splurge on the highest quality versions. A high quality multi-vitamin, fish oils, or protein powders are good options if you are uncertain of the supplements your recipient takes.
  4. Unorthodox Fitness Trial Memberships – for those friends who enjoy exploring creative fitness outlets, consider signing them up for short-term memberships to new activities. For example, jiu jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, and adult sports leagues are available in nearly all medium-to-large sized cities.
  5. Fitness Apps – there are a lot of great fitness apps out there, but most people don’t splurge on the paid version. Instead most opt for the ad-laden, or feature depleted free versions. Consider exploring which free-fitness apps your recipient already has and buying the premium version. For the braver gift givers, consider sending an app they haven’t even tried.

Submit your Creative Fitness Gift Ideas below!

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