What Eddie Hall’s Deadlift Record Equals in Everyday Items

This July (2015) in Leed’s England, Eddie Hall broke his own deadlift record of 462 kilograms, by lifting 463 kilos! You can watch the incredible feat here:


What does this crazy pull mean in different everyday life??

Record Breaking Deadlift: unit
463 kilograms
1,021 pounds
73 stone
What this means in everyday items: unit
119 gallons of milk
2,722 hockey pucks
20,130 alkaline AA battery
81,658 U.S. quarters
2,692 iPhone 6 plus
3,107 MLB baseballs
10,081 golf balls
2,144 Big Macs
23 # of 45lb weight plates
1.4 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail
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