Plyometrics For Variety

Recently, I was in the gym and I found the New Year Resolution’ers taking up all of the equipment I planned to use in my leg workout. I decided to reach back to my ACL-rehab days and incorporate more functional, body-weight exercises and plyos. I found my workout ended much quicker than usual, and I ended with a more “athletic” feeling after my lift.

My workout included two- and single-legged squats on the flat portion of the Bosu ball (i.e., the bouncy portion was on the floor); plyo box jumps, and plyo (or jump) squats. In addition to these exercises, I also did walking lunges for roughly 20 feet per rep, and hamstring curls using a Swiss Ball (this entails laying on your back and pulling the ball to your butt with your heels…aka: exhausting.) I also did the inner and outer thigh machine to activate my hip muscles.

After my shower, my legs felt fatigued, but “springy.”  I look forward to including more plyo exercises into my functional workout days.


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