Plyo Pull-Ups?

As we’ve mentioned numerous times, pull-ups are some of the most important exercises to incorporate into your workouts to gain functional strength. While some advanced pull-up advocates choose to add weight to make their pull-ups more difficult, our team always opts for adding explosiveness for difficult rather than weight.

Examples of pull-ups that include explosive components:

(Beginner) Pull-Up Pop-Ups: Starting from a hanging position retract to the top of your pull-up motion and explode high enough to release your grip and fall back onto the bar and return to starting position in a controlled fashion.

(Intermediate) Overhand/Underhand Flops: Start with a standard overhand pull-up grip and at the top of the pull-up motion explode upwards to release your grip and flip to underhand control on the decline. Repeat to the opposite overhand grip the next time you return to the top of your  motion.

(Crazy-Advanced) Power-Ups: Perform standard pull-up, and explode over the bar far enough to continue pushing down with your hand until the bar is at your belly-button/waist and your arms are entirely extended. Return to starting position, and repeat.


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