Kg to Lb Conversion Tip

Brian Dick

Do you know the quick kg to lb conversion tip that you can do in your head?

After a purchasing a few kettlebells and looking at the results of various Olympic events, I quickly grew frustrated having to type in the kg amounts into Google to get a conversion to lbs. I figured there must be a quick and dirty way to estimate this conversion in my head. After doing a little research, I found just that — an easy way to get a very close estimate of a kg to lb’s conversion. The added bonus? It works the same way in reverse (i.e., kgs to lbs).

Want to know the easy lb to kg conversion?

kgs –> lbs

  1. Take the amount in kg and double it. Ex: 30kg kettlebell * 2 = 60
  2. Then, take your new number and take 10% of that number. Not a math whiz? Simply take the decimal point and move it to the left once. Ex: 60.0 * 10% = 6.00.
  3. Add this 10% figure to the doubled number. Ex: 30kg kettlebell * 2 = 6060 * 10% = 660 6 = 66lbs (give or take a tiny sum.)

lbs –> kgs

  1. Take the amount in lbs and divide by 2. 
  2. Find 10% of the new number.
  3. Take the 10% figure and subtract it from the doubled amount. Ex: 66lb kettlebell *(1/2) = 33 … 33 * 10% = 3.3 … 33 – 3.3 = 29.7kgs (or close to it)
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