Jack3d Is Discontinued

by: Brian Dick

One of my favorite supplements has been discontinued!

Jack3d will be officially discontinued after a few run-ins with the FDA. See the press release made by the manufacturers USPlabs.

USPlabs Logo
USPlabs Logo

The apparent culprit of the FDA’s concerns was a chemical named: 1,3-DMAA or 1,3-dimethylhexanamine. It appears there are no definitive studies on any usage dangers, but the uncertainty in its safety provided more problems than it was worth for the manufacturer.

A similar discontinuation of a pre-workout formula was made by EAS with their <h3>PhosForce</h3> product offering. This discontinuation, however, was not prompted by the FDA, but was rather a self-imposed product stoppage by EAS’s parent company Abbott Nutrition. The supposed ingredient in question with Abbott’s formula was beta alanine.  Beta Alanine, believe it or not, is actually nothing more than a naturally occurring beta amino acid (i.e., found in foods). However, this amino acid causes some users to experience an unsettling tingling sensation throughout their appendages.  I can personally attest to experiencing a tingling sensation, but I actually enjoy it. It is similar to the feeling I get when I’m cold and first pull on a warm blanket.

EAS Phos Force Fruit Punch Powder

While I appreciate there being an organization that is concerned about consumers’ well being, I am uncertain about how I feel about the FDA recommending the cancellation of Jack3D. What are the reader’s thoughts on this matter?



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