How do people have the energy to go to the gym almost every day before/after work?

Answer by Brian Dick:

Ironically going to the gym can actually increase your wakefulness. And as others have said it becomes a routine, and just talking yourself into going is the hardest part. Once your there and do almost anything it’s usually easy going.

From personal experience when I have had extended breaks from the gym for trips or injuries it does take a fair amount of time to combat not wanting to go…

Here’s what I’ve found..

Week 1-2, you hate going and it’s a battle.

Week 3-4, it’s not a pain at all, just a matter of fitting it in your schedule.

Week 4 onward…it feels crummy when you miss a day.

The only problem is the reverse of this trend is much quicker…divide these times by two and read the results backwards…honestly though..hate it for two weeks but do it – and you’re golden.

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