Functional Strength Lab


Functional Strength Lab was created by the founders (Tyler & Brian) to stay motivated to work out regularly — with the end goal of generating functional strength. We are not experts in working out or certified trainers, but we have worked out regularly for various sports and general fitness.  We were, however, also less than impressed with the isolated strength gains we were seeing from our hours in the gym. We decided to explore other fitness routines and equipment that could generate better overall strength gains — functional strength gains (i.e., doing yard work, carrying your nephew, p/u sports games, etc.) Some of it worked some of it didn’t. We simply hope that you learn from our mistakes and gain from our successes.

We will post books, equipment, and workout plans that we found most helpful, along with anything else that we feel may benefit our FSL community. If you have any questions or things you’d like for us to cover simply post in the comments section under the thread or contact us at: If you have a question for one of us directly you can also do that at: or


Tyler & Brian


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