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Recording your weight goals and tracking your progress, are two major factors in achieving these goals. Tracking promotes a sense of accountability, and helps to illuminate trends in your gains and losses. As such, I am attaching an excel weight tracker that I’ve created in order to help you meet your goals — Excel Weight Tracker

Track Weight In Excel






In the screenshot above, you’ll see the only 4 inputs you’ll need to know to create your own weight tracker. I’ve protected the entire sheet (with the exception of these four cells (and your daily weight input cells)) to help avoid folks messing up the equations. If you feel comfortable in excel or want to make your own modifications, simply go to the “Review” tab and click “Unprotect Sheet”. There is no password, just clicking the button should make the entire file editable.

After filling in these 4 inputs, you’ll notice the spreadsheet will automatically change. It will display the dates until your goal deadline, and it will show a steady decrease in your current weight to the goal weight. Next to these projected weights, you’ll find a column for you to input your actual daily weights. At this point, your daily tracking should be fairly straight forward…see below:

Weight Tracker After Inputs











(the chart continues past this screenshot — this simply depicts the changes that occur to the document after filling in the first 4 inputs)

Once you’ve recorded a couple weeks or two worth of daily weights, you may want to see your progress in a chart form. In order to do this:

  1. Go to the “Review Tab”
  2. Click “Unprotect Sheet”
  3. Highlight all data from B6:D6 down to where the date column stops showing dates.
  4. Go to “Insert” Tab
  5. Click “Line” chart icon (pick the first one down in the dropdown)

Once completed it should (hopefully) look something like this.
Weight Tracker Chart









Now you can graphically see how awesome you’re progressing in meeting your goals. Good luck! Hope this helps!

To download the original template use this link: Weight Tracker


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